by Brian Shilhavy
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Del Bigtree, producer of the controversial film “VAXXED,” recently appeared on the National Safe Child Show with Tammi Stefano in Los Angeles. Before taking on this film project together with Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the MMR vaccine fraud, Mr. Bigtree was the producer of the popular daytime medical show “The Doctors.”

Mr. Bigtree states that when he learned about the top scientist whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that he knew this was the biggest story of his life, and that this was “bigger than Watergate.” Since the 2004 study that supposedly proved there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism was published by the CDC, more than one million children have been diagnosed with autism, and now one of the study’s authors at the CDC has revealed that data was concealed that actually showed there was indeed a link between the vaccine and autism in some children.

Mr. Bigtree makes it clear that this is not an anti-vaccine movie, but a movie about government corruption at the CDC.

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In the second half of the National Safe Child Show, Tammi Stefano interviewed Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., an investigative journalist and the author of several books, including “Your Baby Your Way” and “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” that she co-authored with Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D.

Dr. Paul Thomas isĀ a board-certified fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and he agrees with actor Robert De Niro that we need to learn the truth about vaccines, and that the science is anything but “settled.” Dr. Thomas is not anti-vaccine, but delays or forgoes certain vaccines depending on the needs of the children in his practice.

Margulis reveals in her interview that in her experience as a professional award-winning journalist, she has seen censorship in journalism on the vaccine topics. She attributes this phenomenon partly on the ignorance of journalists and their unwillingness to explore both sides of the debate. She believes many journalists erroneously believe that if the government states vaccines are safe, then it must be true. She reminds her colleagues in the media that traditionally the media’s job has always been to question the government, and act as a “watch dog” over what the government was claiming.

As an example of media bias and censorship on vaccines, Margulis relates an experience she had a few years back appearing as a panelist on a PBS documentary. Two medical doctors from California who vaccinate children in their practice but at a slower rate, or more selectively than the CDC recommended schedule, appeared on the panel, but their comments were edited out of the final version. Much of Margulis’ own testimony was also edited out, to make it appear that the pro-vaccine doctor and “science” was on one side, and a mother from a liberal community in Oregon (Margulis) was representative of thoseĀ opposing his views.

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